What is a “bad yogi”

Bad YogiTM [baad yogee]

1 a renegade yogi who indulges in the occasional burger, has never been to a shakti dance class, and admits to not always knowing their asana from their elbow.

Yoga for “Bad Yogis”

For me, yoga has never been about strict adherence to tradition or rules that preceded me. I believe that yoga is a tool we can use to help us make our bodies work better for us. It’s a tool that creates space and allows for fluid, efficient movement. I believe that yoga is for everyone: from the kale-loving vegan to the prize-winning deer hunter. I believe that there’s no such thing as “advanced” poses, just difficult or less difficult ones. Yoga isn’t about labels (the ones we put on ourselves or the ones on our pants) or classification and should be inclusive regardless of beliefs, lifestyles, diets or any other choice. It’s that simple.

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